Healing Cuisine 

Chandra’s Healing Journey began over 30 years ago.  She became a vegetarian as a teen, at which time she pledged to do for herself what doctors she frequented failed to do: Heal the ailments afflicting her.  As a result of utilizing dietary modifications and herbal therapies, she was able to treat and reverse a variety of maladies including asthma and pancreatitis, as well as maintain health and vitality through adopting a plant-based diet, practicing herbal nutrition, and engaging in regular physical activity.

With a natural gift for food preparation since childhood, Chandra began adapting omnivorous dishes to suit her transition to vegetarianism.  Over the years, she refined her diet to prepare mucousless and mucous-lean vegan and raw vegan cuisine.  Adopting the dietary recommendations of the Usha Research Institute, Chandra developed dishes that are scrumptious, as well as cell-nourishing.  She has catered and facilitated food preparation demonstrations at a number of retreats and conferences, catered for retail outlets, and provided backstage catering for performing artists Sweet Honey in the Rock in the Washington, D.C. area.

Pertaining to her dietary regimen, Chandra does not like to label herself.  “I prefer to give my body what it calls for, while avoiding what it doesn’t respond well to.  The bottom line is feeling good, and paying attention to how my body reacts to what I do to it.  I would be surprised if my body ever called for meat or dairy products, however.  These substances have demonstrated history of wreaking havoc in my body.”

Food Preparation Videos

Better Tabouli
Prickly Pear Cactus Juice
Walnut Pate'

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