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Whether you are on a Healing Journey to reverse a disease, or you simply want to engage in preventative health practices through changing your dietary regime, I want you to be successful.  This little book contains a wealth of information to get you started. There is no need to suffer from deprivation.  Nutritious and tasty food alternatives abound!  In addition to scrumptious, nourishing recipes, Healing Cuisine also includes a section on  Seasonings for the Desired Effect (natural herbs, spices, and condiments to simulate tastes/textures of your favorite foods),  and useful suggestions on Food Preparation.   "Health is True Wealth!"

HEALING CUISINE will soon be available for purchase ONLINE as an 



Abena feels hopeless and alone when her classmates begin to ridicule her for the way she looks.  Despite positive reinforcements from her parents, Abena chooses to believe what her peers tell her: that she is “ugly.”  No Mistake: Journey to Self-Acceptance is the story of a little girl’s transformation from low self-esteem to learning how to lovingly accept herself -- even when her peers continue to reject her due to their own self-loathing.  At the end of the story, the author provides a self-help Discovery Guide, featuring thought-provoking questions and exercises related to the story.

As a child in the recently desegregated South, Author Chandra Washington  faced mistreatment as one of a handful of Black students attending primary school with a predominantly Caucasian population.  Low self-esteem plagued her throughout childhood, and into her adult life.  Inspired by Kiri Davis’s documentary A Girl Like Me, which reveals self-hatred little Black children still experience today, Washington wrote No Mistake and its companion Discovery Guide  to raise awareness to the epidemic of bullying, and offer hope and resources to aid healing and transformation of youth from all walks of life.



I read your book and I know I cannot do justice in expressing the many ways that it touched me - but it did deeply affect me.  You did a beautiful, age appropriate job of explaining what is at the root of bullying, how one has a choice of how it will affect them, and then giving specific ideas of how to deal with it in a way that is positive for one's self.  I wish that I had your book growing up - I was overweight most of my childhood and got teased a lot about that (by the way, I grew up in the South, specifically New Orleans in the 50's, 60's and 70's, so I did live through these turbulent times.  However, not being Black, my experience was very different.  Luckily I was raised in a very liberal, open-minded family, which was quite a different home environment than a great deal of children in those times in the South.)

Your story is one that children can easily identify with.  I was able to relate to all of the characters in your story on some level.  You did an incredible job of character development for such a short book.  Your book is so well thought out  and your message so clearly communicated.  You are truly a gifted writer!

Your lesson is a crucial one and your book is a valuable tool for parents and educators.  I would be proud to display your book at book events where I feel that your book would be a good fit.  Thank you so much for writing this book and signing and sending me a copy.  I will do what I can to help you get your important message out into the world.
~ Eve Panzer MLIS, Founder, Barefoot Librarian (Book Fairs and Children's Bookseller)


...Tears came to my eyes reading it.  I felt you poured your heart into it.  What a wonderful healing manuscript.  Can't wait for you to have it published and in the hands of millions.  So gracefully and lovingly done.  Congratulations!  Can't wait for my children to read it! ~ Inonge Khabele-Stevens, Parent/Artist/Educator

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