Healing Caravan 


The Healing Caravan performance concept was the brainchild of World Saxophone Quartet co-founder Hamiet Bluiett, marking the first of its type: A performance merging the message of natural healing with live world-class musicianship.  As a spoken-word performer with a creative bend towards natural healing and nutrition, current Artistic Director Chandra Washington viewed the concept as a timely and exciting one.  She urged Bluiett to expound on the concept, but nothing further would develop until New Years Eve, 2006.  Washington was given an opportunity to present the first Healing Caravan installation with Bluiett as Artistic Director, supported by her original performance poetry and dance, along with professional musicians from her hometown of Austin, Texas.

The following year, Bluiett turned over the Healing Caravan project to Washington.  As Artistic Director, Washington developed the second installation and presented it in 2007 as a part of the Black Arts Movement Festival in Austin; an inspired theater performance featuring live music, dance, performance poetry, and video media.  

Currently, the Healing Caravan consists of a core group of professional musicians from the Austin, Texas area.  But the beauty of this project is that professional musicians and performing artists with sensitivity to the theme can participate wherever the Caravan happens to be on The Planet. 

The Healing Caravan installation opened for the legendary Last Poets (Black Arts Movement Festival, June 2011) and proved to be the most provocative, compelling and revealing to date. Washington envisions future dance and music collaborations, and taking the healing message on the road. 


As Artistic Director, Washington is constantly developing new material, keeping the production fresh, original, current, informative, and inspiring.  The project is unique in its ability to adapt to new material, as well as its openness to creative expression from a variety of professional musicians and performing artists to enhance the healing message. The latest production highlights environmental and psychological healing, as well as physical.  

To present the Healing Caravan to your area, contact Chandra Washington at washington.cy@gmail.com

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