Elements, Featuring Chandra Washington is a music performance trio conceptualized by my longtime friend and creative collaborator, bassist extrordinaire Michael Thuso Stevens.  According to Thuso, my participation in the project was a "no brainer," but how guitarist Marc Lionetti came to be one of the "Elements" was quite serendipitous.

Another musician selected by Thuso cancelled. The event, a Martin Luther King Day observance, would be our premiere performance at a local prep school where two of Thuso's children attend, and Marc is a music instructor at the school. Thuso was aware he played guitar, but was not familiar with his expertise on the instrument. Upon our first rehearsal meeting, we were both pleased and impressed with Marc's brilliant playing ability and the extent of his music vocabulary. 
With only two short rehearsals, the three of us collaborated seamlessly.  With Marc on guitar, Thuso on bass and percussion, and myself on vocals, spoken-word, and percussion, we developed a presentation of original compositions, along with our unique take on classic standards. While young audiences can be a "tough room" to play to, our MLK Tribute performance was received with rousing applause and high praises from faculty and staff, as well as the student body. A subsequent performance in April, 2012 for a conference hosted by the B'hai Faith received equal praise.
It is indeed a joy when all the right "Elements" come together!  We are excited about what the future has in store!

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